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At TMO we understand the responsibility that comes with representing your newspaper.

Our operator may be the only representative of your newspaper that the customer ever speaks with. That places a huge responsibility on the call center you choose, a responsibility we take very seriously.

With offices in San Antonio, Texas and Del Rio, Texas we handle newspapers of all sizes. Whether you're a small community weekly or a large metro daily, we will execute a subscription acquisition campaign to meet your circulation needs. 

If you care about your customers, we would like to meet you.

What Makes Us Unique

Our commitment to professional representation of your newspaper, the product knowledge of our operators, and our taped verification process is what makes Total Marketing Outbound unique in the industry. Click here for a sample of our taped verification dialogue.

In addition to rigorous sales and customer service training, Total Marketing Outbound operators go through extensive training on the features and benefits of YOUR newspaper. All operators will know your guaranteed delivery times, your billing methods, the special sections in your newspaper, how your paper is different from the competition, and whatever else is necessary to represent your product in the most effective manner possible.

Our philosophy is simple: The more product knowledgeable the rep, the more likely they are to make a sale. 

Our Services

New Resident Campaigns

New residents are an excellent source for home delivery subscribers. And in competitive markets, whichever newspaper gets there first has the edge. We work with a variety of sources (including the phone companies) to obtain the best new resident data available. We do everything possible to insure that our clients are the first newspaper to contact these potential subscribers. 

Stop Resell Campaigns

The old adage, "Your last customer is your best customer" has certainly proved true in the newspaper industry. Contacting customers who have stopped their paper within the last 30 days is vital to a comprehensive circulation sales program. Many times these were "impulse" stops, based on a service problem, editorial disagreement, or a stack of unread newspapers. Our stop-resell department will help you get them back! 

Former Subscriber Campaigns

Former subscribers who have been stopped for between two and eighteen months are also an excellent source of new subscriptions. Some of these customer's cancellations were seasonal, or based on a temporary lifestyle change that did not allow time for daily newspaper reading. Designing a campaign specifically to reach this group can be a very effective piece of your marketing mix. 

Upgrade Campaigns

Upgrading your Sunday or weekend customers to 7-day service is one of the quickest ways to add paid circulation. In just the last year, we have upgraded over 50,000 Sunday/Weekend customers for newspapers across the country. Pricing for this program starts at just $5.00 per conversion, and our operators are proficient at getting the highest conversion percentage in the industry.    

Our Pricing

Generally, our charges are based on each new subscription we secure on your behalf. To determine what your "cost per order" will be, we take into account a variety of factors: the editorial quality of your newspaper, your current home delivery penetration, your subscription rate, and the results of your last telemarketing campaign. Many times we will conduct some test calls into your market. 

After reviewing these factors and running a test campaign, we can determine how long it will take the average rep to make one sale. This "sale per hour" figure will determine your cost. 

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